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+++ long live the KING +++

Founded in 2011, KING FEAR released their debut EP (st) in 2012. After this release the KING FEAR members went separate ways; while singer Nachtgarm toured the world performing with Negator and Dark Funeral, main composer 
Mål Dæth moved to the Austrian wilderness to create new music …

Once winter struck again the band gathered with their drummer BoneInn (ex Eisenvater) in their hometown Hamburg/Germany to start working on what was to become their first full-length album.

Inspired by the history of mountaineering KING FEAR have created a concept album based on the “conquest of the useless” – mankind’s possessive desire of reaching the highest mountain peaks. Driven by the realization of how well these old tales of desire, passion, myth, ancient belief and frigid heights fits the KING FEAR version of Black Metal they decided to call it: 


Musically KING FEAR is rooted in straight-forward Black Metal with a slap of Black’n'Roll. Great artists such as Satyricon, Khold, Shining (Swe), Celtic Frost or even Entombed and Tiamat have proven before: 

The fastest band is not necessarily the darkest band

Nachtgarm - vocals 
Mål Dæth - strings 
BoneInn - drums

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